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Yay!! A new website has been added to VIM family. We are proud to present ReagansJourney.org. We were very excited to work on this project. Not only because it was a another chance to be creative and deliver something new, but also because it was for a great cause. Reagan's Journey is a non-profit organization based in Pennsylvania. The organization's mission is provide resources and financial support for families with kids with various disabilities. The overall design is very clean and a nice mix of modern and traditional. While trying to keep a corporate feel throughout the design, we snuck in some playful elements on member's pages.


So maybe you're wondering why your website is not getting any traffic. Well let's see...do you have unique titles for every page? Do you have unique, keyword rich descriptions for every page? Do you blog regularly and post to Facebook and Twitter? We know you're busy running a successful business. But who doesn't want more clients?

Preview out Theme Options panel. Theme Options panel allows you to manage general website settings from one convenient place. A great thing about our Theme Options panel is it's customizable, meaning we can add and remove options from the panel depending on your site's functionality and complexity. This is just an example....

We often get a request to add a contact form on the site. In general if only one or two forms are required and they are very basic, we prefer to custom design them and code into the WordPress theme. But sometimes one form is not enough or a form needs to be added after the site is launched. In this case we prefer to use Fast Secure Contact Form. It is easy to install and configure.

We have been hard at work creating a new stunning website for Zahira Domenech's company Eventus by Zahira. This website is a result of a hard collaborative process between us and Zahira. It exudes class, sophistication, playfulness - and all things that entice you to want more. The blog was a unique idea from the start....