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Web Design

At Velvet Ink Media we equally focus on aesthetics and functionality. Today, technology allows us to integrate the most elaborate design elements with any type of content, including complex databases.

An outdated or ineffective website can be detrimental to your business. In today’s world not only must your website be efficient it must be attractive as well.

We solve this problem by developing fresh, innovative websites that are not only beautiful but consistent in delivering information on any operating system, in any browser, and at any Internet connection speed.

Velvet Ink Media - BeClinic - web design
Velvet Ink Media - Seo services

SEO Services

Our goal is to improve visibility. Even the most beautiful website is just a website if no one comes to visit it. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a complex process which, if done right, leads to top search engine rankings, brings in targeted traffic and results in high conversion rates. While there are many pieces to the SEO puzzle, at Velvet Ink Media we focus on three key things:

  • clean, robust code that is easy to read and change
  • architecture that seamlessly combines aesthetics and functionality
  • simple, intuitive user experience that creates loyal visitors

Social Media Marketing

Help your services reach those in need through Facebook and other Social Media platforms with a personalized digital marketing strategy from Velvet Ink Media. Our team will help you improve your social media presence and get in front of more clients.

Velvet Ink Media - Social media marketing
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Reputation Management

Velvet Ink Media provides fully managed review management including review monitoring, ratings improvement, response management and negative review cleaning. Reputation management is more than simply hiding bad reviews. It must be massaged and tended too. Leave the stress of getting reviews whether that may be positive or negative to us.

Velvet Ink Media - Brand design

Brand Design

We are in the design business are we not? It is extremely fun for us to work on brands. From using color, font-types to illustrations we love to tackle it all in hopes of creating a package you will love. Velvet Ink Media keeps the client close to the sleeve when working with brands.

We are 100% committed to making sure the design meets your expectations as best we can. We can work with you on logo design, business cards, letterhead, brochures and more.

Content Management

Our goal is to rule the content. Content Management System (CMS) gives you the freedom to edit, add or delete content on your website as it becomes more or less relevant for your target customer. Just a few clicks! No more messing with code or calling tech support.

Velvet Ink Media specializes in the open source CMS WordPress. All built-from-scratch themes are compatible with the latest version of WordPress and its plugins. No work-arounds, no hacks, no hard coding – we work only within the framework to ensure full functionality and maximum usability.

Velvet Ink Media - Content management
Velvet Ink Media - E-commerce design and development

Ecommerce Design
& Development

At Velvet Ink Media we can help create, design and build you a new ecommerce website to help sell your products, books or digital downloads online. We specialize in the WooCommerce platform for WordPress. This gives us the flexibility to develop, create and monetize an ecomm solution specific to your needs or business.

Velvet Ink Media - Membership development

Membership Design
& Development

We have developed a proprietary membership platform for use on WordPress. Yes there are other plugins and solutions out there but having developed our own allows for quicker integration, easier client customization and better support. Our membership set-up supports PayPal integration allowing for a smooth transition.


There is an excellent chance we can do what you are in need of. Just ask. We are not limited to what we feature on our website.
We have done projects as large as creating a custom CMS (content management system) to as small as creating
a simple and clean brochure package for an upstart business.