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Businesses need to have an online presence to be successful. Customers and potential customers use the internet to conduct their business frequently and they use websites to learn as much information as they can about a business. Having an outdated website or a dysfunctional one will prevent customers from interacting with you which can hurt your business.

Web design is a crucial part of your online presence as it is your customer’s gateway to you. Your website is your digital storefront and is required to attract new customers and to keep existing customers. Your website is a reflection of your brand and everything that it stands for. It is usually one of the first things people look at to get to know a brand and therefore helps form the first impression.

Your website design elements, like colors, fonts, images, etc. all form your brand identity. Therefore, you need to select those elements carefully and keep them consistent across your website.

Although it may seem like a simple aspect, the quality of the website can either help or hinder your business’s success on or offline. Along with its importance, web development can be difficult as it requires a specific set of skills. This is why businesses usually outsource to ensure they receive the best possible website.

Fancy graphics and designs don’t drive home messages. Real content does. Content should never be created arbitrarily in hope that it will reach your target or develop conversions. Strategic content messaging and storytelling results in higher client engagement, persuasion, and retention. Our designs are dictated by actual on-page content. At Velvet Ink Media we don’t create a design just to create a design. Real engaging content is suggested. The layout will follow with interesting graphics, layouts, and navigation.

Velvet Ink Media is made up of individuals with these skill sets. The team at Velvet Ink Media not only focuses on aesthetics but also the functionality of the site.

What is Web Design?

Web design is the way your website is designed and displayed on the internet. The focus of web design is the user experience and providing the best experience for the user to stay on the page and return to the website. A good web design is easy to use, aesthetically pleasing, and is user-friendly.

When a web designer designs a website they focus on the appearance and layout of the website. Although these factors may seem simple they play a very crucial role in whether a customer is going to stay on your page long enough to conduct business. Web designers consider the colors, font, and images used. The wrong combination of these factors can make or break a customer’s experience.

For instance, the wrong color can make it difficult for customers to navigate much like if the font size is too small that it is difficult for customers to read what is on the screen. Because of this, the web pages are designed with simplicity in mind so that customers are not distracted or confused.

When designing a website, you no longer consider just a desktop website, but now you have to create a website suited for mobile as well. Including mobile devices but also tablets. It is important to make a functional and visually appealing website that can be used on all types of devices.

The Importance of Web Design

Having a strong web presence is very important to the success of your brand. A low-quality website or a dysfunctional one may give customers and potential customers the wrong impression of your brand and business.

A well-designed website is a website that perfectly creates the experience your customer is looking for. By having a high-quality web design you ensure maximum user experience and expand your reach across multiple operating systems and popular browsers. A website is doing its job when it can turn a visitor or user into a customer or make them stay on the page long enough to complete the task they initially came to do. Even if it is to read a blog article in its entirety.

What Makes a Good Website

A well-designed website is a website that perfectly creates the experience your visitor is looking for.

Some factors of a good website include:

● Reduced use of negative space

● The fewer choices a user has, the less likely they are to become overwhelmed and confused which may lead to them leaving the site prematurely

● Obvious, clear calls to action. These include clear buttons highlighting what they need to do to get the desired action

● Limited distractions. These distractions can include distracting images that are not related to the content on the page. Additionally, fonts should be the appropriate size and follow an appropriate hierarchy.

● Responsive design (a design that resizes and reorients itself to the user’s screen, making the website easy to use on any device: phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop browser.

● A balance between the amount of text and images on each page. The text should not be overpowering but there should be enough text to adequately inform users.

What Makes a Website Bad

A well-designed website can lead to a successful page with a high conversion rate. On the other hand, a poorly designed site can have the opposite effect. Visiting a website should be simple and easy for the user. This means that all of the information and the experience should be straightforward and uncomplicated.

The following features should be avoided when designing a website.

● Difficult to read font and colors

● Distracting images and backgrounds.

● All images on the website should load and they should load quickly on all devices and device formats.

● Unclear links and buttons.

● Irrelevant images

Who is Velvet Ink Media?

Velvet Ink Media is a web development agency that is made up of web designers, marketers, and WordPress developers. The company is located in Tampa Bay, Florida. This team of professionals works diligently to design and build one-of-a-kind, pixel-perfect websites that deliver results.

They specialize in modern design and build awesome WordPress themes and custom websites. Their goal is to make awesome websites. At Velvet Ink Media they equally focus on aesthetics and functionality. Today, technology allows us to integrate the most elaborate design elements with any type of content, including complex databases. They develop fresh, innovative solutions to create websites that are not only beautiful but consistent in delivering information on any operating system, in any browser, and at any Internet connection speed.

What Velvet Ink Media Can do for You.

The Velvet Ink Media team designs and builds websites for businesses, e-commerce, portfolios, blogs, and membership sites. Whether it is an online store or a one-page brochure website, all websites will be completely unique.

They design and develop innovative websites that are aesthetically pleasing and also deliver information on any operating system, in any browser, and on any device.

The designs by Velvet Ink Media are completely customized that best communicate your company’s mission, goals and satisfies your customer needs and expectations.

Velvet Ink Media’s Website Design Process

Velvet Ink Media always begins with careful research and planning to identify problems and provide solutions. Throughout the entire process, they communicate their actions and expectations to encourage open communication at every stage of the project.

To ensure they provide the best design for your business, the team follows these 5 steps.

Step 1- Research

The first step is to research your company so that they know what your business objectives are, the type of customers you have and what they expect. By conducting research they can determine what your site needs to satisfy and adequately inform the customers. This allows them to plan a design strategy best suited for you.

Step 2- Plan

After the research has been completed, the next step is to plan and strategize. They review all of the information received from the research and create a plan on how to design the perfect website for you so that it achieves all of your goals.

Step 3- Design

After evaluating all of the information and creating a plan on how to achieve the goals the next step is to design the website to make these goals a reality. Velvet Ink Media creates customized WordPress designs that are specifically created for your needs. All of the websites move dynamically to adapt any screen size including desktop, mobile or tablet form. After the website has been designed it is presented to you to receive feedback before it is finalized.

Step 4- Development

After the initial website design is completed the team then moves on to the development stage. All of the WordPress sites are developed by custom-coding as opposed to enabling themes to ensure that the site can be fully customized to satisfy your unique needs During this stage you are able to use the website to ensure it is what you need before its launch.

Step 5- Launch

This is the final step and is reached once all of the kinks of the site have been ironed out and you are completely satisfied with the website.

Why Choose Velvet Ink Media

At Velvet Ink Media they treat clients with respect. There is no wasted time, no overpromises, and no unexpected fees. They promote open communication and clear expectations and are committed to your success. The team provides you with trusted and reliable partners.

About Velvet Ink Media

Established in Tampa Bay Florida, they have been designing and developing websites since 2008. Their list of satisfied clients includes small businesses and corporations, law firms, medical practices, event professionals, non-profit organizations, and entrepreneurs. Working with clients from different industries and backgrounds, they enjoy the diversity and challenges that come with each project. Whether it’s a custom WordPress website or rebranding, content management, search engine optimization, website support, and hosting, their goal is to become their clients’ trusted partner for all their online needs.

What you Need to Get Started

When thinking about designing a new website, the first thing to do is to discuss your ideas for design and functionality and to match them with your budget.

You can start by submitting a Quote Request form to Velvet Ink Media. They offer different options for every budget. So don’t be discouraged. They are committed to your success and promise to deliver a beautiful, high-quality website for your business.

But before jumping into a new project, remember that a successful outcome requires a team effort. Some of the items you’ll need to provide are:

● logo (or one can be designed for you)

● content for pages (they can help edit for SEO or write new content for you)

● images of products, team members, portfolio, etc.

● website URL

● hosting information

● The most important request we make of you is to be available to provide timely responses and feedback.

How Long Does Designing a Website Take

A typical WordPress website takes 6-8 weeks to complete. This includes design, development, testing and content styling.

An important factor in completing a project on time is the client’s response time. They recommend a 24-hour response on revisions and any information required to move the project forward. They know that clients are very busy and sometimes take longer to respond. However, please understand that these delays will affect the project deadline.

For HTML5 websites the time frame is 4-5 weeks.

If you already have a completed or a partial design for your website, the time frame for programming only is 2-3 weeks.

Do you Need WordPress Training?

For total beginners, they have a third-party resource that will help you understand WordPress and its features. You will learn how to log in, create simple pages, edit the main menu, and more.

In addition, they provide training videos for each individual website, highlighting its unique features. These video tutorials will be embedded into your website for easy reference at any time.

And if you ever can’t figure out something, they are just a phone call away.

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