Web Design

If you are still in doubt about using WordPress because you think your website is too complicated, I guarantee you'll change your mind after seeing this monster! GXunited is a comprehensive resource website for fitness professionals and enthusiasts. It is truly a monster website and has a ton of features: Membership with multiple account types paid members...

We've completed another project - a responsive WordPress website for JTI Siding, a commercial and residential siding contractor out of Fort Smith, AR. This is a simple information website for a new start-up built on WordPress. It features a wide, clean layout, intuitive navigation, portfolio section with image galleries. The website is easily accessible from mobile devices,...

We've been pretty busy here at VIM. So this post is long over due. Great new website has been launched by VIM for ProCare, Inc.  We could not be more proud of our team for delivering such an original website with tons of dynamic elements, multiple page layouts, custom complex forms, some with calculations, and of course responsive.

Sliders are cool though right? Well cool doesn't make you money in the web business. Just about every site you visit these days has a sliding/rotating banner on the home page. They are interactive, cool looking and modern. What's not to like right? I'm here to tell you what's not to like. In fact they are overrated and you really don't need one.

Ways to connect and engage your congregation Tell the world about your church, its mission and people Stream video and audio sermons Post service schedule Post events schedule Collect donations Offer resources, such as food pantry hours or support groups Connect with youth through a message board Publish inspirational articles, post updates and so much more JUST...

A HUGE event is coming to Tampa in August - the 2012 Republican National Convention. Over 50,000 people are expected to visit Tampa Bay in just one week. Which means great opportunities for local small businesses to put their names on the map. Event organizers will be looking for vendors and suppliers. Services, such as  accommodations, catering, transportation, retail, printing and deliveries will be in high demand.

We have been working with WordPress for a quite a while now. Since that time we have made significant improvements in the functionality of our builds. But none more significant than our very own Options Panel. For those of you new to WordPress or not familiar with an options panel let me fill you in on this majestic peace of programming.