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Many business owners choose to rely on themselves or an assistant (brother-in-law, friend, neighbor's tech-savvy daughter) for WordPress support and maintenance. Your company's website plays a big role in your business's success. So regular WordPress maintenance is imperative to keeping your site secure and running smoothly. Proper attention should be given to: core WordPress updates ...

I get asked quite a bit about updating WordPress. WordPress consistently updates their opensource CMS. This generally includes security updates and improvements. If you have a WP site you should always update your site if the admin is telling you you need to. The one time you should stop and consider whether you want to update your version or not is if you are multiple versions behind. At the time of this writing WordPress is on version 3.8.1. If for instance you are running version 3.4.1 you would want to check with your web developer before doing so. Being this far behind can cause breaks in your site.