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If you are still in doubt about using WordPress because you think your website is too complicated, I guarantee you'll change your mind after seeing this monster! GXunited is a comprehensive resource website for fitness professionals and enthusiasts. It is truly a monster website and has a ton of features: Membership with multiple account types paid members...

We have been hard at work creating a new stunning website for Zahira Domenech's company Eventus by Zahira. This website is a result of a hard collaborative process between us and Zahira. It exudes class, sophistication, playfulness - and all things that entice you to want more. The blog was a unique idea from the start....

OK, I want to dive right in here and talk about everyone's favorite topic: Cross Browser testing. Here at Velvet Ink Media we, of course, test out our CSS/HTML builds in all major browsers like any good agency should. Recently I was asked the question of guaranteeing our web standards across the major browsers when they release updates. I initially blurted out "of course, we guarantee our work." But then I paused and really pondered the question being asked and how our company should really handle this.