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Let’s face it, the exponential growth of e-commerce isn’t slowing down any time soon. Online businesses have all but rendered traditional methods of doing business extinct and this trend is expected to continue!

That may sound like a dystopian ideal, however, this is a great time for a business of any size to thrive! Try to imagine this:
Having a professional website is the equivalent of renting a billboard to advertise your business… If there were only one highway in existence for the billboard to face!

This is because the internet acts as a bottleneck for all who use it, which means the odds of people noticing you drastically improve simply by your business having a web presence! This is why it’s vital for your business to craft and maintain a personalized, professional, and dedicated website that will reach your customers in today’s vast e-commerce market!

Converting First Impressions

A customer visiting a website for the first time subconsciously decides if they plan to do business with the company in just 50 milliseconds! That’s quicker than the time it takes them to read the first word on the page! For a business owner with little or no experience in front-end development, this can be a terrifying piece of information; often derailing a website before it’s been launched!

Here at Velvet Ink Media, we view this statistic as an opportunity rather than an obstacle! That 50-millisecond window is the same thing as your first handshake with a business partner or the first smile directed at a client. Without any words you have to build trust, show genuineness, flaunt originality, and let the customer know who you are as a business; all within that 50 milliseconds of introduction!

This is where we come in! Our process is guaranteed to increase the chances of that first impression being a great one! So long as you have us in your corner, by default you’ll have less to worry about!

After The Handshake

So you’ve decided to build a website for your business!

That’s great news! A huge step in the right direction toward a successful e-commerce venture!
Perhaps you might find it difficult at first to smooth out the rough edges on your own. Maybe you don’t have the extra time to invest in a website? All valid reasons to become less-than excited about the design process or better yet, seek assistance in building your perfect website from scratch! That’s a wise decision for a business in need of a great web presence! Even more so if you’ve opted to have us assist you! We could give you sales pitches and explain monotony, but there are real reasons that you would want us to design your professional website!

Allow us to explain why:

SEO Built-In!

Our expertise regarding SEO best practices will fortify your placement in searches! The experience we’ve gained and meticulously perfected over time will highlight your business for the world to see! This is great for you and good for your customers, who will find your product/service easily!
Content, meta descriptions, and everything in between to make Google love your website; we have the complex knowledge to make it happen!

Personalized Collaboration!

Before our design process even commences we’re sure to work as closely with you as possible to ensure your undeniable satisfaction before launch. No detail is left unchecked, large or small! We aim to please here at Velvet Ink Media!
You may be our client but to us, you’re also the boss; you make the calls, we’re just here to facilitate the results!

Seamless Functionality!

We pride ourselves on our ability to create the most functionally sound web pages possible. No matter if a customer is visiting your business’s site on a desktop, a tablet, or on a mobile phone; it’ll run as smooth as the screen they’re looking at! No one likes a choppy, unresponsive web page that’s prone to loading errors! We mitigate that as a possibility altogether!

Strategic Implementation!

At Velvet Ink Media, we’re sticklers for a well-executed strategy! The product of which begins by laying out the groundwork and implementing our tried and true process, which we’ve outlined in a section below.

If for any reason you aren’t satisfied, we simply rerun the process until you have what you’re looking for!

WordPress CMS

By utilizing WordPress’s Content Management System we mitigate the need for you to learn complex coding, HTML, or CSS. You can change the entirety of the content on your website if you so choose, simply and easily! It’s truly as simple as posting on social media once we take care of the intricacies!

E-Commerce Diligent!

Do you need a storefront for your products? Perhaps you want to sell memberships that are supported by PayPal? If you have a specific desired use for any part of your website, we can suffice any requested e-commerce feature; we even develop our WordPress platforms!
With this in mind, there is no way you can miss with a solid online storefront fully ready and capable of handling real customers!

True Industry Professionals

Every person we employ to develop any content, from the simplest to the most complex, is a certifiable expert in their field of specialization! This translates to an expertly designed website built specifically to fit your needs at a fraction of the cost most would expect to pay!
From developers and content marketers to public relations and graphic designers; we got you covered!

Logistics Simplified

We fully understand that your business has a hierarchy of prioritized needs and that website design isn’t typically at the top of that list. This is why we handle all of the complexities of the process while keeping you in the loop to ensure your satisfaction.
Of course, this leaves you to spend your valuable time making sure your business has its top priorities taken care of!

Our “Not-So-Secret” Formula

Consistent results require a mathematically assembled approach. An algorithmic procession of actions, if you will. In this regard, there are no industry equals to Velvet Ink Media! We stick to our method because we’ve done the work enough to know that well… it works! It’s no secret, it’s just what we do!


This refers to the studying of your business’s branding. Everything from the way you already relate to your customers and the color scheme you already have, to assessing the needs of your brand and your customers to ensure they are being adequately met.


Here is where it begins to get mathematical. After all, variables have been accounted for and the assessments have been conducted, we decide the best course of action to take and make sure it’s what you are looking for! This includes possible content creation embedded with purposeful SEO.


Relatively self-explanatory. If the plan of action has been cleared for implementation, then begins the actual aesthetic building. The architecture that will showcase what you have to offer and the main component that is considered during that 50-millisecond window!


After the design has been laid out and you’ve personally signed off on all aspects of it, our developers dive into the functionality of your website; coding, sorting, and otherwise providing the complex services that most people aren’t aware of at all!


Once again, you’ll be given an insider look to verify that everything is just as you hoped it would be! If anything needs to be adjusted, we go back and make sure it’s all done to meet your needs and expectations. Finally, the site goes live and can immediately begin taking customers!

Why Choose Velvet Ink Media?

We Focus On Great Website Design!

Our goal is to make awesome websites! At Velvet Ink Media we equally focus on aesthetics and functionality. Technology allows us to integrate the most elaborate design elements with any type of content, including complex databases.

We develop fresh, innovative solutions to create websites that are not only beautiful but consistent in delivering information on any operating system in any browser, and at any internet connection speed!

Content Creation & Design!

Fancy graphics and designs don’t drive home messages; real content does! Content should never be created arbitrarily in hope that it will reach your target audience or develop conversions. Strategic content messaging and storytelling results in more effective client engagement, persuasion, and retention. Our designs are dictated by actual on-page content!

At Velvet Ink Media we don’t create a design just to create a design. Truly engaging content is suggested from the start. The layout will follow with interesting graphics, layouts, and navigation.

We Build Websites From Scratch:

  • Corporate, Business, Industrial
  • Catalog, E-Commerce
  • Personal, Portfolio
  • Blogs, Online Magazines
  • Memberships with advanced profiles


To Surmise…

When choosing Velvet Ink Media, you partner with a team of creative, dedicated professionals who work diligently to design and build a one-of-a-kind, pixel-perfect websites that will deliver results!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Will This Cost?

Costs vary depending on the extent of the work we do and what you need done. The best and only way to find out what costs you’ll be looking at is to request a quote! After a short analysis to decide what services you’ll be needing, we can give you a quote that will surely be a bargain when you consider what we offer!

WordPress Only?

Yes. For many reasons. Mostly because it is the most widely used platform for website creation, which translates to smoother running sites and an overall better user experience. Not to mention the interface is highly adaptable for use by novices, just in case one of our clients were to take control of their site.

Are There Prerequisites?

Not unless you have things you want to be implemented into the website design, such as a logo or specific imagery, etc. The only thing you need to bring is some idea of what you want!

Why Should I Outsource Website Design?

For the same reason you would outsource any service; to save money on something that you don’t personally specialize in! The alternative is to hire an in-house Front-End Developer, to which you would not only pay applicable taxes and a salary, but you could incur other expenses as well.
What we offer as a bundle of services will not equal a single month’s salary of an in-house Front-End Developer!

Is Social Media A Viable Alternative?

Some claim that social media is just as effective as a dedicated website. However, this is only true for certain types of e-commerce, such as public figures and speakers, authors, actors, etc.

Social media provides a great advertisement opportunity and it’s usually free! Still, it will never make an impact the way a dedicated website does! If you are interested in expanding your web presence via social media, we offer that as a service as well!

Networking is vastly different than building a website. You can’t truly showcase who you are as a company without the freedom of complete control and you can’t turn a real profit from social media if you sell a product.

In short, social media makes for decent advertising but that’s where it ends.


It’s a commonly seen acronym in today’s internet jargon and it refers to “search engine optimization.” This entails a given search engine’s (usually Google’s) ability to accurately match a person’s search with the best possible version of exactly what they were looking for.

It’s the reason for a search engine trying to finish what you are saying, based on the most typed in words following the ones you already have entered!
It takes into consideration many variables before listing the best options at the top of the page and less accurate options as the searcher descends the page.

Some of these variables include: originality of the content, keyword usage, secondary keyword usage, specific algorithmic coding, meta descriptions (the short description you see under the link to a website), the age of the content, and even the headings used on the page.

It’s an amazing piece of intelligent technology that is gaining momentum and learning more about searches every day!

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