10 Quick Tips About Marketing

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10 Quick Tips About Marketing

Maybe you are in the group of “marketing isn’t important”. Maybe you think marketing is important but are not sure where to start. Whatever sector you fall into I will give you a few quick marketing tips that will benefit you and your business. Any business owners or entrepreneurs looking to boost leads or sales should follow these simple yet effective tips.

In no particular order here we go:

Social Media

1. Boosting your posts can help generate traffic, buzz and word of mouth quickly and easily. These days just posting to Facebook or Twitter isn’t enough. Facebook alone is only showing 6% of a company’s content to their prospective clientele. Boosting your posts will increase this exponentially.

2. Retweet and engage – if you don’t have a Twitter account you should consider it. Just tweeting about your company isn’t enough. Interact with your customers, other companies and leaders in your market. Retweeting will also go a long way in adding followers.


3. Writing blog posts makes a lot of businesses cringe. They either find that it isn’t important, they don’t have time for it or it will offer no benefit to their business and retaining clients. I’m here to tell you folks that posting to your blog on a regular basis is important to marketing your company. Content is king as they say. And a sure-fire way to consistently add new content to your website is via blogging. It may not be fun and sexy but it is necessary.


4. Pay-Per-Click often gets a bad rap and rightly so. However this strategy can be effective if done properly. It can give your business a quick boost in onsite traffic. With more traffic comes more leads and more sales.

SEO (search engine optimization)

5. SEO is a no-brainer right?  You’d be shocked how many businesses don’t engage in it. Many others think it is a “one-time” deal where you just throw some keywords on their website and post to Facebook once a year and you will rank on the first page. Not the case my friends. SEO is an ongoing adventure. Your competitors are deeply engaged in it so you better be as well. Hiring a SEO/Marketing professional is a must.

Email Marketing

6. Email campaigns can definitely give you a boost. It is a lot like SEO, you need to keep at it to experience any gains. One big tip I can suggest is to keep your subject lines short. Long subject lines are a sure-fire way to get your email trashed. Instead of “Our Plumbers Are The Best In The Business” use something like “Best Rated Plumbing Service”.

Outdoor Advertising

7. Billboards had to be on the list didn’t it? This one of course is a bit more expensive than some of the others but it is just as effective.


8. Instructional videos will go a long way in marketing your business. Publishing a video to Youtube/Vimeo is simple and can get your name out there quickly. You can also “double team” by adding these videos to your website, blog and social media.

Sponsor Events

9. Sponsoring events is one of my personal favorites. It’s a great way to get out in the community, meet other people and introduce your brand. Depending on your business you need to be careful what events you sponsor. If you run a plumbing company it doesn’t make sense for you to sponsor at a wedding expo.

Don’t Put Everything Off Until Tomorrow

10. Procrastination can be a major problem for business owners. I am guilty of it all the time. But it is a killer. Committing the time now will pay off for you down the road. Yes, it can be tedious, arduous and down right time consuming doing what is necessary to promote your business. Many times we have other things to do for our business. Often they may appear more important at that time. But your business is your garden and if you don’t tend to it properly it will die.