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We have been working with WordPress for a quite a while now. Since that time we have made significant improvements in the functionality of our builds. But none more significant than our very own Options Panel. For those of you new to WordPress or not familiar with an options panel let me fill you in on this majestic peace of programming.

An Options Panel (commonly called a Theme Options Panel) is a separate section within the admin of WordPress that allows you to control/maintain certain functions of your backend.

When executed the right way it can be a wonderfully easy way to manage your robust website without having to dive into the code.

For example you need an easy way to add all of your social links for Twitter, Facebook and Google+. The options panel provides an easy avenue to do so without having to install a plugin or manipulate PHP. Maybe you need to update your logo and favicon. Wham! Easily done in an options panel.

vp2Because of this we had to get our own. Of course there are many versions of options panels out there. Sure we could have purchased a theme from somewhere that utilized an options panel and incorporated this into sites. But we don’t want to go that route. We want something that is developed by us for our clients. Something that we can say “yes, we developed this”.

With this we in fact can customize specific functionality to each client’s site. If Joe’s Plumbing  Site needs a  different set of options than Sarah’s Fashion Site we can easily do that. We are the masters of our own domain.

Go check out our portfolio and see what we can do for your site.

Velvet Ink Media includes this Options Panel with all of our custom designed websites. This allows for greater control, faster turnaround time and quicker fixes.

This coupled with our framework and blueprint for WordPress production gives you not only a great looking website but a well oiled machine under the hood.

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