Create Beautiful Complex Forms with Fast Secure Contact Form Plugin

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We often get a request to add a contact form on the site. In general if only one or two forms are required and they are very basic, we prefer to custom design them and code into the WordPress theme.

But sometimes one form is not enough or a form needs to be added after the site is launched. In this case we prefer to use Fast Secure Contact Form. It is easy to install and configure.

This plugin offer many benefits and the forms can be built and styled by us and, in most cases, by the client. Here’s a short list of options that we really like:

  • add as many forms as needed
  • add as many field to each form as needed – there’s no limit
  • multiple input options – check boxes, radio buttons, select multiple, text area, date field with pop-up calendar, and more
  • required field option  – turn it on or off each field
  • security through CAPTCHA or Akismet
  • automatic reply email after the form is sent
  • custom Thank You message and page redirect

Styling of the forms could not be easier. Most of the time we use styling fields to input CSS tags, but for a more permanent solution we can integrate the theme’s stylesheet – this way you don’t have to style each form separately. Just add the fields and go. There are also options for changing the default field labels. For example, you can change Name: to Your Name. And you can set the size of your forms and form fields.

The forms can be sent to multiple recipients or connected to your Constant Contact account so that information from forms is collected by your Contact Contact lists.

Adding a form to any page is a snap. Each form has a shortcode which can be copied and pasted into any page. You can even add multiple forms on a single page. Another great feature is to add paste the shortcode into a sidebar text widget to create a call-to-action. Just remember to adjust the width of the form to fit the sidebar.

So if you want to add a contact form to your website – which will greatly improve your customer conversion rate – we recommend using Fast Secure Contact Form plugin for WordPress.

No time to figure it out? No problem! We’ll be happy to do it for you. Contact us and you’ll have forms on your WordPress site in no time.

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