Amavida Coffee and Tea Site Launch

Project Launch, WordPress

Amavida Coffee and Tea offers high quality, eco-friendly farming that helps protect our environment and ensure exceptional products. The end result is a collection of fantastic coffees and teas. They of course needed a fantastic website to sell their products to the world.

This is where Velvet Ink Media stepped up and developed a site that was not only informational but also very functional. Amavida sports a complex e-commerce system that allows customer login, multiple shipping options, order variations and more.

This project was pretty straight forward in terms of the WordPress development and admin side of things. But I will be honest the shopping section and cart presented a few issues as it need a few variations that needed to be accounted for. Some of these items were being able to select multiple grinds, multiple items per order and the quantity per item.

In the end we are quite proud of the end result with the site and the overall functionality of this shopping car.

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