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Our goal is to improve visibility. Even the most beautiful website is just a website if no one comes to visit it. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a complex process which, if done right, leads to top search engine rankings, brings in targeted traffic and results in high conversion rates. While there are many pieces to the SEO puzzle, at Velvet Ink Media we focus on what your clients are searching for.

Search engines are now seeing how people interact with websites. What happens after your link is clicked? Or a button is selected? Aside from getting that initial traffic you need to steer your potential customer to a conversion. That is where Velvet Ink Media can help you and your business.

Velvet Ink Media - Search Engine Optimization

Our Monthly SEO packages include a variety of
important Search Engine Optimization tactics to help your site get
quality traffic and better visibility.

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There is an excellent chance we can do what you are in need of. Just ask. We are not limited to what we feature on our website.
We have done projects as large as creating a custom CMS (content management system) to as small as creating
a simple and clean brochure package for an upstart business.