Eyesite Tampa Bay

Case Study
Velvet Ink Media - Eyesite Tampa Bay - Custom WordPress Development

Our Challenge

Outdated Website & Low Visibility

Eyesite Tampa Bay was deeply in need of a makeover and rebranding. Not only was their website seriously outdated so was their brand. To make matters worse, they had an average review/rating of 2.2 stars out of 5 from their patients. Aside from needing to give them a refresh on their brand, they desperately needed to repair their reputation. Correcting this issue takes more than redoing a website. Reputation management comes into play. And that is exactly how we approached it.



We rarely do complete overhauls. But with this project it was a necessity. From the color scheme to the overall look of their original brand needing some deep and loving care. To coincide with the new look, a complete redesign of the website was developed on WordPress.

Modern, clean and easier to navigate than the last website was the plan to push them to the next level.

close up of browser with website
white iphone with google reviews

Reputation Management

For the most part the only place to go for this company was up. When we first signed them their average review was sub-3 stars. Just not good at all. They were not a bad business like the reviews suggested. They just were not handling them properly.

That is where a company like Velvet Ink Media comes in. We helped Eyesite Tampa Bay address their shortcomings and engage in follow ups to help ensure a better online reputation. With a better reputation comes better business and a bigger bottom line.

The Results


Site Traffic


Average Star Rating Increase


Decrease In Bounce Rate

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