Author: Charlie Boudreau

You don't have to be an SEO expert to help your website rank well in search engines. The SEO community is quite significant. You will find a plethora of information and diy SEO tips to help you boost your website's visibility in search engines. The big question is if you (an SEO beginner) can generate...

I get asked quite a bit about updating WordPress. WordPress consistently updates their opensource CMS. This generally includes security updates and improvements. If you have a WP site you should always update your site if the admin is telling you you need to. The one time you should stop and consider whether you want to update your version or not is if you are multiple versions behind. At the time of this writing WordPress is on version 3.8.1. If for instance you are running version 3.4.1 you would want to check with your web developer before doing so. Being this far behind can cause breaks in your site.

Sliders are cool though right? Well cool doesn't make you money in the web business. Just about every site you visit these days has a sliding/rotating banner on the home page. They are interactive, cool looking and modern. What's not to like right? I'm here to tell you what's not to like. In fact they are overrated and you really don't need one.

Amavida Coffee and Tea offers high quality, eco-friendly farming that helps protect our environment and ensure exceptional products. The end result is a collection of fantastic coffees and teas. They of course needed a fantastic website to sell their products to the world. This is where Velvet Ink Media stepped up and developed a site that was not only informational but also very functional. Amavida sports a complex e-commerce system that allows customer login, multiple shipping options, order variations and more.

OK, I want to dive right in here and talk about everyone's favorite topic: Cross Browser testing. Here at Velvet Ink Media we, of course, test out our CSS/HTML builds in all major browsers like any good agency should. Recently I was asked the question of guaranteeing our web standards across the major browsers when they release updates. I initially blurted out "of course, we guarantee our work." But then I paused and really pondered the question being asked and how our company should really handle this.

It is very rare that I will post or comment on "must have" items. But since we proclaim to be WordPress Rockstars then I figured I better make a mention or two in regards to WordPress development. My list by no means is gospel however I find them to be absolutely necessary if not mandatory for all WP sites. In no particular order here they are.

We have been working with WordPress for a quite a while now. Since that time we have made significant improvements in the functionality of our builds. But none more significant than our very own Options Panel. For those of you new to WordPress or not familiar with an options panel let me fill you in on this majestic peace of programming.